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Colour Light Signal Components

Large Lenses

Lense suitable for signal and warning lamps
Moulded plastic, fresnel style

52mm internal diameter
To fit a mounting hole of 61.5mm diameter.
Dome is 30mm high, 64mm outer diameter. all dimensions are approximate


Green Lense Amber Lense White Lense Red Lense
£10.00 inc VAT £10.00 inc VAT £9.50 inc VAT £9.50 inc VAT


Small Lamp Units with Built in Bulb Holders

Suitable for signals on miniature garden railways.
Will suit signals of most gauges of garden railway including 5" & 7¼" gauges.
Total length 62mm
Length behind dome 45mm
30mm diameter all dimensions are approximate
To fit 21mm diameter hole

Locking Ring
Screw terminals for bare wire.
Removable lamp cover to install bulb. BA9 bulb not included but available on request.
These can also be fitted with LED bulbs
25g total weight ex. bulb.

Green Lense Amber Lense White Lense Red Lense

£6.50 inc VAT £6.50 inc VAT £6.50 inc VAT £6.50 inc VAT


BA9 Bulbs


Available at 6V, 12V and 24V.

To suit above holders

£1.20 inc VAT


Signal Gantries

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