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Junction route indicator signal heads (feathers)

These multi lamp route indicators are mounted on the main running signal head.

When lit they indicate that the route to which they apply is set.

The main aspect will indicate proceed and the route indicator will illuminate 5 white lights.

We offer an aluminium cast body unit with integral hoods angled to suit the route poistion.

This is mounted on a profiled steel plate that is bolted to the rear of the colour light signal heads.

The lamp units take a MBC bulb or LED unit the lens is sealed to the faceplate by a rubber gasket likewise the body is sealed to the backing plate by a rubber gasket. Cable entry is at the rear of the box via a conduit or gland fitting.

Un-machined casting: £56.00 inc VAT

Un-machined casting and component set: £115.50 inc VAT

Machined casting and component set: £126.00 inc VAT

Fully finished, wired, tested and painted: £ £166.50 inc VAT

The above prices are for heads only


4 1,4 1,2,3 4,5,6


Signal Gantries

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